We can fit in your community, aportándote support in key areas that will reduce the cost of expenses in your community. We have a pack of accounting services that fit your profile:

  • Convene and moderate the regular meetings.
  • Drafting, certification and shipping by email of the minutes.
  • Prepare the annual accounts.


  • Prepare annual budgets.
  • Management and follow-up charge pending bills.
  • Issuance and charge of supplies of regular funds and spill.
  • Unpaid Invoices.
  • Opening and follow-up of the current account of the Neighbours’ Communities, centralized all management the collection of receipts, claims, pending bills of the property the form dynamic and agile with advanced computer support.
  • Control of pay to make on behalf of the Neighbours’ Communities.
  • Management before official organisms (contributions, services and supplies, industrial etc ….).