Is there a single window with the Administration? Asesoria in Terrassa a new approach …


I would like dealing with humor in a topic that probably all we found: excessive bureaucracy procedures to contribuient, entrepreneurial, self dazed and make it look like an obstacle course to get all the paperwork to start an activity …

As in the times the humor is not to be missed, see this video and tell us if you have not heard logged …

This video has been made by: Instituto del Cine Madrid.

Are you smiling? That was the objective…

The Government has aproved the 6th september 2011, the Plan for the Unic Window implantació the Single Business, through vol boost qual is changing the relations between their model of the companies and the Administration. Going on with the duta the tavern from 1990 to terme des per l’Office Business Gestió (OGE), the Single Business Window is that inter-xarxa tea per Objectiu facilitate dels procediments gestió administratius of them diferents administrations Publiques-central, regional local i – affecting them entrepreneurs people, leaders and Intermediates, during all the life cicle of the company.

The Pla has fixed some events to reach in 2014 like principal objectives:

  • Eliminate 20% on l’dels tràmits identificats àmbit of the Generalitat.
  • 68% dels Simplificat tràmits identificats eliminats not be pruned.
  • Incorporating the Single Business Finestra, so multichannel, 90% tràmits dels.
  • Maxim aconseguir the burocràtics tràmits IMMEDIATE RESOLUTION


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