Antalia Gestió Empresarial has designed a working modalities with competitive prices for you to choose the most appropriate formula for the features you need for your company.

Check the contents of the rates and be amazed by all that we offer. Contact us with any questions or integrating other services not included in the packs, so we can offer exactly what your business requires.

      This pack is designed for self-employed both for those who are taxed by:

      • Direct estimates (Objective Singular)
      • Estimation by Modules
    • Writting record books: Sales, Purchases, Expenses and Investments.
    • Preparation and submission of VAT (model 303, 310, 311 quarterly).
    • Preparation and submission of annual VAT abstract (model 390).
    • Preparation and filing of Income Tax (Form 111 quarterly.)
    • Preparation and submission of annual income tax summary (model 190).
    • Preparation and Submission of Intrastat declarations and model 349.
    • Preparation and presentation rents (Form 115 quarterly and annual model 180).
    • Preparation and presentation of the annual statement 347.
    • Preparation and presentation of the model 130, model 131 (quarterly).
    • Preparation of annual pre-closing and filing for civil society or private owners’ Model 184 (annual).
    • Preparation of tax returns for individuals (model 100).
    • Tax and Accounting: inquiries by telephone and e-mail.

price 50 €/month


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