Antalya Gestió Empresarial has designed working “packs” of services with competitive prices so you can choose the most appropriate format to the features you need your business.

Check the contents of the rates and be amazed by all that we offer. Contact us with any questions or integrating other services not included in the packs of rates, so that we can offer exactly what fits your business.

  • Preparation of accounting and year-end.
  • accounting and financial quarterly report.
  • Preparation and submission of VAT (Form 303 quarterly).
  • Preparation and presentation of the annual summary VAT (model 390).
  • Income Tax Preparation and presentation (model 111 quarterly).
  • Preparation and presentation of the annual income tax summary (model 190).
  • Preparation and submission of the INTRASTAT declaration and model 349.
  • Preparation and presentation of the rentals (model 115 model 180 quarterly and annual).
  • Preparation and presentation of the annual return 347.
  • Balances or reports for presentation to financial institutions.
  • Making Annual Accounts and memory and its filing with the Registry corresponding *.
  • Preparation and legalization Books Accounting Officers in the commercial register corresponding *.
  • Tax and accounting: consultations by phone and email.
  • Optional: Check on-line through intranet.

price 200 €/month

* Does not include fees Registro Mercantil